Using Science to Deliver the
Natural Healing Power
of Medical Cannabis

Preserving a Natural Product

We know that part of the appeal of medical cannabis is that it’s natural. For over 5000 years, it’s been used as medicine in a wide variety of forms. We’re committed to providing you with products that retain as much of the natural goodness of the plant as possible.


Manufactured for
Full Activation

Using our patented extraction process ensures that we produce oils and softgel capsules that are over 99% activated. We make sure you get what you pay for - the natural, activated cannabinoids that come directly from the plant.


Whole Plant Extract

For simplicity and clarity’s sake, each of our products are labeled based on their levels of THC and CBD. However, the cannabis plant contains many other cannabinoids with therapeutic benefits. Our full-plant extraction process results in a full spectrum of cannabinoids in our resin, giving you the full benefits of the plant.


No Smoking Needed

For cannabis to work as a medicine, the active ingredients need to be activated by applying heat. Our extraction process allows us to create a consistent and fully-active resin that is used in our oils and softgel capsules - no smoking required.