Cannabis Made
as Medicine

Designed, Extracted, and Manufactured for Medical Use

To experience the benefits of cannabis, the THC and CBD in your product must be activated. When you smoke or vapourize cannabis, heat causes this activation to take place. But when oil is extracted from the plant using the industry standard approach, the THC and CBD may not be fully activated. This means from bottle-to-bottle you might be taking different doses of THC and CBD, even if you bought the same product. Medisenol is different.

We don’t feel that smoking is a healthy way to take medicine, so we had to find an alternative. We developed and patented a process that delivers consistency through fully-activated THC and CBD oils.


Our Patented Extraction: Consistent Activation for Real Medicine

Medisenol’s Patented Extraction

Your medicine should work the same way every time you use it. Our patented extraction allows us to ensure consistency and full activation every time you use Medisenol.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued us U.S. Patent Number 10,143,706, entitled “Decarboxylated Cannabis Resins, Uses Thereof and Methods of Making Same” on December 5, 2018. The patent provides intellectual property protection for our decarboxylation method for extraction and activation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (“API”) from natural cannabis plant materials.

With several other patents in development, the makers of Medisenol are committed to leading the way in medical cannabis innovation.