Medical Cannabis That’s Researched and Designed
with Your Pain in Mind

Committed to Helping You Find Pain Relief

We’ve spent time with people in pain. We learned that there’s an incredible interest in the medicinal potential of cannabis for relief, but there were concerns about consistency, complexity, and inaccessibility. Medisenol was born from the needs of chronic pain sufferers in search of not just relief, but also clarity, simplicity, transparency, and commitment to helping them feel better.

What Makes Us Different

You expect medication to work the same way every time, whether it’s an over the counter medication or cannabis-based medicine.

Cannabis Oil Consistency

Product Consistency

Using a proprietary patented process known as continuous-flow extraction, the makers of Medisenol are able to produce fully-active medical cannabis oils and softgel capsules. You can expect the same level of active ingredients from bottle-to-bottle and capsule-to-capsule..

Simple Cannabis Products

Uncomplicated Products

We’ve created a simple product lineup that takes the complexity out of decision making. No need to navigate confusing product names - we offer 3 types of products, and they’re each available in oils and softgel capsules. It doesn’t get easier than this.

Cannabis as Medicine

Made as Medicine

Medisenol is focused entirely on medical products - based on research with real pain sufferers and Health Care Providers.  Our focus is on well-researched products that provide you with accurate, consistent dosing for treatment.

Clinical Cannabis Trials

Clinically Researched

As a Licensed Producer under The Cannabis Act, we are leading the charge with research and clinical trials so that you have the most up to date information and get the right treatment for your condition.

Pharma-grade Cannabis

Pharma-Grade Manufacturing

Every aspect of our product development and manufacturing process is designed to produce a safe, reliable, and consistent product. We operate an analytical testing laboratory and a GMP focused production environment.