Real Pain Deserves Real Medicine

We Know From Conversations with Chronic Pain Sufferers

When we developed Medisenol, we knew it was just as important to understand the needs of patients dealing with chronic pain as it was to ensure that the science behind our products was robust. In order to do this, the Scientus team spent time with people in Canada who are living with chronic pain – in their homes, talking, observing, and listening to their experiences and stories about how pain has impacted their lives.

What We Heard

From speaking directly with people living with pain, we learned important details about the experience:

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Pain Can Be All-Encompassing

In hearing from people with chronic pain, one of the key things that stood out for us was how many factors make pain exhausting. Not only does pain sap your energy and limit what you can do, but it’s also a heavy mental burden. From engaging in many treatment steps and strategies to managing or preparing for pain flare-ups, to coping with treatment side effects, to limiting involvement in daily activities in order to mitigate pain, people with chronic pain often find themselves overwhelmed by the space that it takes up in their lives.

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Pain is Real, But Invisible

In spite of how overwhelming pain can be – physically, emotionally and from a treatment management perspective – it’s still invisible to others. People in pain often struggle to explain the nature and seriousness of their pain to loved ones, colleagues and even Health Care Providers. Many shared with us how they find themselves walking a line between coming across as complaining or ‘lazy’, and sharing that their pain is real and more than just ‘normal aches and pains’. Because of this, pain can be a very isolating experience.

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Treatment is Challenging

Not only is the experience of chronic pain not fully appreciated or understood by others, but the relationship that people have with treatment options can be very hard. As treatment can involve a complicated cocktail of opioids and other medications, many people worry about both the short- and long-term effects of what they are putting in their bodies, and are sensitive to the growing sentiment of concern around the opioid crisis in society at large. In seeking help from their Health Care Providers, many told us about being offered continually increasing doses of current medications, rather than exploring alternatives.

We’re Ready For Change

Just as medical cannabis can provide significant relief, chronic pain needs to be recognized as a real and valid issue, and as deeply deserving of effective pain management solutions that don’t saddle people with significant side effects or worries about addiction. This belief forms the backbone of Medisenol’s commitment to improving the lives of people across Canada whose chronic pain remains a persistent challenge.