Real Pain. Real Medicine.

Get Started with Medisenol Medical Cannabis

Different conditions call for different treatments. If your Health Care Provider has recommended cannabis for pain relief, we can help you get started with confidence and support. Our medicines are formulated to make sure you get consistent, managed relief from your pain as quickly as possible.

Our Product Types:
3 Simple Choices

THC Dominant Cannabis

THC Dominant

Commonly used for people with chronic neuropathic pain. Can use at night for extra relief and improved sleep.

Balanced THC/CBD Cannabis

Balanced THC:CBD

For added pain relief when CBD-only products aren’t providing enough. Also a good option for night-time.

CBD Dominant Cannabis

CBD Dominant

May work for daytime inflammatory pain and for getting to know medical cannabis gradually.


Our Product Formats: Dosing Made Easy

Each strength of Medisenol comes in two formats: ingestible oils and softgel capsules. In both cases, the active ingredients are extracted from the plant and mixed with an edible oil commonly used in medicines for easy digestion.

Cannabis Oil

Oils: Bottles that include a marked syringe, allowing you to get precise as you find or maintain your regular dose, and adjust easily depending on how much pain you’re feeling each day .

Cannabis Capsules

Softgel Capsules: These have the same effect as oils, but with a pre-measured, precise dose that is discreet, consistent, and convenient. Some people prefer swallowing a capsule to avoid taste or texture.

Dried Cannabis

No Dried: While we believe in the benefits of cannabis, we don’t think smoking is a healthy way to take a medicine. Our patented extraction technology produces a cannabis extract that is always >99.9% activated and doesn’t need to be smoked.


Where Should I Start?

We know that the choice can be difficult, but we don’t think it needs to be.

We recommend patients new to cannabis medicine begin with an oil to find the dose that provides the best relief, then switch to capsules. View our products to see which one is right for you.