You’re Almost Ready To Order

Just A Few More Steps Before Ordering

You’re almost ready to order Medisenol. If you and the Nurse Practitioner that you just spoke with agreed that medical cannabis is right for you, then your Medical Document has already been sent to the Medisenol Customer Care team for processing.

What Happens Next:

If You Haven’t Registered With Medisenol Yet

If you’ve not yet registered as a client of Medisenol, you’ll need to complete our online registration form. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be sent a secure Client ID which allows you to login to the Client Portal and order Medisenol products.


If You’re Already Registered As a Medisenol Client

If you’re already registered with Medisenol as a client, then congratulations  - you’re almost done. Shortly, our Customer Care team will be sending you your unique Client ID. While you wait, review Medisenol’s products so you’re ready once you’ve got access.




Accessing the Medisenol Client Portal

Once you register with Medisenol and we’ve processed your Medical Document, you’ll receive an email from Medisenol Customer Care with your unique Client ID within 3 business days. You’ll then be able to login to the Medisenol Client Portal, set a password and start purchasing Medisenol products.