Who to Talk to
and What to Do

Getting Access to Medical Cannabis

For a lot of people, medical cannabis is a new and confusing world. We’re here to tell you that getting access is actually pretty straightforward.

Talking to Your Health Care Provider

It’s important to begin your journey by talking to your Health Care Provider. Describe your symptoms and ask if he or she would be willing to prescribe medical cannabis. If your care provider is unwilling to work with you to gain access to medical cannabis, you can speak to a licensed Health Care Provider online, or contact us.

Medical Documents

If you want to purchase medical cannabis in Canada, you need a Medical Document. This form, which must be signed by a licensed Health Care Provider, authorizes you to use cannabis for medical purposes. It’s good for up to one year and then must be renewed.

When you choose to get your cannabis from the makers of Medisenol, this document must be faxed to the number on the form to protect your privacy.

Registration Forms

Once your Health Care Provider has provided a Medical Document, you need to fill out and submit a Patient Registration Form if you have not done so already. Get ours here.