Medisenol for
Health Care Providers

Cannabinoid-Based Medicine Made Easier

We understand your concerns surrounding cannabinoid-based medicine. It’s overwhelming. There is so much choice and there are still many unknowns regarding efficacy and safety. Everyone seems to ask for it but cannabis is not a panacea. Since randomized controlled trials are lacking for many medical indications, you may feel ill-equipped to respond to patient requests with confidence.

We created Medisenol to provide patients and Health Care Providers considering medical cannabis with a simple, medically-focused treatment option.

Why Consider Medisenol

We are a biopharmaceutical company entirely focused on non-combustible (no smoked/no vaped) cannabinoid products for medical use. We do not manufacture products for recreational use. If you have decided to authorize medical cannabis for a patient, here’s why you should consider Medisenol:

Reliable Dosing

Patients can expect the same amount of THC and CBD from Medisenol every time. Many other companies say they are consistent, but we have the data to prove it. Our products are standardized, predictable and effective.


Patented Extraction for
Full Decarboxylation

Our patented extraction technology (US patent number 10,143,706) is a game-changer in the industry. We deliver a cannabinoid-based medicine that is >99.9% decarboxylated every time. And it is 100% reproducible. Our technology has eliminated the inherent variability so often seen with botanical cannabis.


Dedicated to Medical:
No Recreational Product

Medisenol is not a recreational product, and our parent company, Scientus, sells no product to the recreational cannabis market. We prioritize patients over profits. We invest in clinical trials and in learning about the appropriate uses of cannabinoid-based medicine.


No Medicine Should
Ever Be Smoked

We don’t sell dried cannabis for smoking, nor do we offer product for vaping because we don’t view this as an appropriate therapeutic modality, and we are concerned about lung health and safety. We currently sell cannabinoid-based oils and softgel capsules and have many other formats in our pipeline.


Supporting Health Care Providers

We’ve tried to make things easier for Health Care Providers by focusing on the science and the patients for whom cannabinoid-based medicine can be considered an effective option based on evidence. We have developed products for patients with chronic pain, and we are dedicated to advancing the clinical understanding of cannabinoid-based medicine.

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