Global Clinical Research

Every Day We Learn More About the
Applications and Potential of Medical Cannabis

With hundreds of clinical studies completed to date, a great deal is known about the use of medical cannabis to support pain relief and other conditions. As a leading provider of medical cannabis, the makers of Medisenol are committed to furthering the study and applications of medical cannabis to improve the world’s health.

Global Cannabis Trials and Research

Cannabis has been used to help people for hundreds of years. Since 1980, over 400 studies have been conducted worldwide to study the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis, with more happening each day. These include 245 studies in the United States and 32 in Canada.

Much of this research has been summarized to demonstrate the health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids. To learn more, see below.

Canadian Research Summary

While recreational cannabis is newly legal for Canadians, medical cannabis in Canada has been available since 2001. To learn more about the use of medical cannabis in Canada, visit Health Canada’s summary of Cannabis Use For Medical Purposes under the Cannabis Act and Regulations.

Here is a list of some of the leading medical research that has looked at cannabis for pain:

You can also visit the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids to stay up-to-date on the science of cannabinoid medicine.

Our Trials

With a commitment to understanding the applications of medical cannabis, we are planning, conducting and funding several clinical trials. Below is a summary of some of our most recent research.

Pharmaceutical Analysis of Therapeutic Cannabis for PTSD in the Clinic

The aim of this study is to better understand how different cannabinoid ratios are associated with therapeutic effects in PTSD

Profiling cannabinoids following oral administration of cannabis capsules in healthy volunteers         

This trial studies the pharmacokinetic cannabinoid profile of Medisenol softgel capsules


Chemical Analysis Of Medical Cannabis Used For Chronic Pain

This study looks at which combinations of cannabinoids are therapeutic for people with chronic pain.