Authorizing a Patient

Important Documents to Get Your Patients Access

The Canadian government’s legislation regarding access to cannabinoid medicine is specific about how to authorize a patient. Authorizing a patient to access Medisenol is a simple process.


Fill Out Medical Document

Fill out the Medical Document for your patient and send it to us via secure fax. If this is your first time authorizing a patient with Medisenol, then you will receive a verification call from us. This verification process is a Health Canada requirement.


Have Your Patient Register With Medisenol

There are two ways for patients to register. They can either registers online or download and complete the patient registration form and return it to us via secure fax.

Worth noting, if the patient does not register with us they cannot order any products even though you submitted a Medical Document.


Order Medisenol

Once steps 1 and 2 are complete, we will send your patient their login information so that they can order Medisenol products.


Here are a few additional forms that may apply to your patients. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. Send any completed forms to Customer Care by email, mail or fax.

Compassionate Pricing Program

Patient Titration Guide

Patient Dosing Journal

Veterans Affairs Canada Disclosure Form