Collaborating with Canada’s
Medical Cannabis Research Leaders

We Couldn’t Do This Alone

We have carefully built partnerships with leading research hospitals, industry advocacy groups, growers, distributors, and pharmaceutical companies. We’re committed to helping benefit from the healing properties of medical cannabis.


Scientus Pharma

Scientus Pharma is the corporate entity of Medisenol. The result of a merger between two companies, HydRx Farms Ltd. and Cannscience Innovations Inc. It is dedicated to the research and application of cannabis for use in therapies.


HydRx Farms Ltd.

HydRx Farms Ltd. holds the license under The Cannabis Act to cultivate and manufacture Medisenol products. Based in Whitby Ontario, they maintain a 45,000 sq ft, GPP certified facility built to GMP standards.



Scientists at UHN performed significant research and development (R&D) for Scientus Pharma. Scientus Pharma had a service agreement with UHN from 2015 to early 2019 under which Scientus has provided significant funding


Life Sciences Ontario

LSO’s mission is to foster commercial success for Ontario’s Life Sciences sector through advocacy and education and promoting the industry locally, nationally and internationally. Scientus Pharma is a member of Life Sciences Ontario

Licensed By Health Canada

Health Canada governs the activities of all Licensed Producers and Pharmaceutical Companies in Canada and has approved HydRx Farms Ltd. (the manufacturers of Medisenol) to manufacture and sell medical cannabis in Canada.

The makers of Medisenol, HydRx Farms Ltd., received an Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (“ACMPR”) license in September 2017, allowing cultivation for medical purposes. We received approval to produce cannabis softgel capsules and oils in October 2018. Licenses are all up to date and now held under The Cannabis Act and Regulations.